German inspired Feast (Menu subject to change)

$10 per meal

70 meals available, Prepaid reservations available by mail, must be postmarked by January 5, 2018

Make checks payable to SCA Inc, Shire of Wyvern Cliffe. Mail to

1819 Allen St, Jefferson City, MO 65109

On the table

Bread, salami, fresh cheese, spicy and plain mustard (homemade) and cucumber salad

First Course

Sausages, Fried Spinach, and Dumplings

Second Course

Roast Beef and buttered noodles with a brown mushroom gravy (Jaeger sauce) and cabbage


Apple and Jam tarts



Ingredients: Flour, yeast, salt, and water.

Fresh cheese, Mustard, and Salami


Ingredients: Pork, Salt, Parmesan cheese, Pepper, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmeg, and Sugar.

Cuke Salad

Ingredients: Cucumbers, Vinegar, Salt, Pepper, Olive oil

Fried Spinach and bacon

Ingredients: Spinach, and bacon


Ingredients: flour, eggs, milk, salt, butter

Beef Roast – in Jaeger sauce

Jaeger Sauce (brown mushroom gravy) butter, cornstarch, mushrooms, beef broth, salt, pepper,

Egg Noodles

Fried Cabbage with onions and bacon.


Apple and Jam Tarts

Feast Steward

Her Excellency Gabriella von Fredrichstahl

573-761-5963 no calls after 9pm please



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