Traveler’s Fare

$5 donation for the Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri- Buddy Pack Program this program helps kids who may not get enough to eat on the weekends with a kid friendly pack featuring items such as peanut butter and cereal.
This inn will be served as a grab and go.  Each meal is packaged and will be clearly marked.  Please be gentle with the bundles they include PASTRY.  Each bundle includes:
Pork and apple pie featuring pulled pork sautéed with apples, onions, and celery, seasoned with French four spice and a bit of brown sugar (may include egg and stock).  Not Master Isen safe- four spice includes clove!
Chicken and vegetable hand pie with pulled chicken, celery, onion and carrots, seasoned with a touch of bacon, parsley, sage, and garlic (also may include egg and stock).
Each pie is served with a fresh apple, a small bit of cheddar cheese, pickle and a bit of candied citrus peel for a sweet bite.
There will be a small number of vegan friendly pies (mushroom, celery, carrot, onion- seasoned with rosemary, garlic, and parsley and I will have a few gluten free pork and apple hand pies as well.  If you have a dietary restriction, please contact me so I may plan for your needs.

Inn Steward:

Her Excellency Elianor de Moreland

(573) 230-4866 – no calls after 9pm please- text is fine as well.



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